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Where does our logo (pigeon) stands for?

"Invitation means "Aamantran" in Hindi. The mail-pigeon in the logo of "Invitation" refers to the time that pigeons where used to bring important messages. This pigeon, also the international symbol of peace, invites you to visit the Indian Restaurant "Invitation" to spend a peaceful evening in a subtle oriental atmosphere.

The food, served in this restaurant, is a choice of the North Indian kitchen and consists of grill specialities and Mughlai curries.

We use the well-known tandoor, a special clay oven, heated by charcoal, in wich te food is cooked with help of the heat radiated from the walls as wel as from the burning charcoal, wich also give sthe food a typical slightly smoked flavour and taste.

All dishes of chicken, meat and seafood, that are cooked in our tandoor, are marinated in yoghur with a delicate blend of Kashmir spices and herbs specially chosen to suit the taste of the dishes.

The authentic curries, that are served in the "Invitation" are prepared with carefully selected Indian spices to give the food that original oriental flavour.

We give the flavour and taste of each dish special attention.

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